Calm / Stress / Anxiety / Worry / Relaxation

Anxiety and stress are simply unavoidable these days. In fact, the American Psychology Association reports that 75% of Americans experience some form of anxiety induced by worry and stress at least once a month! And you may not realize it, but our bodies end up paying the ultimate price when we let stress get the best of us. While some may choose pharmaceuticals as their primary treatment, there are also natural remedies that are worth giving a try as well. Specifically, essential oils. When we inhale the pleasing aromas, our brains signal our bodies to feel positive emotions, conjures up satisfying memories, and overall enhances our mood and our outlook on life in general. 

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Lavender Oil


Used worldwide for its incredible calming benefits, also can be used to soothe irritated skin or help relieve a headache if rubbed on temples.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Apply to nape of the neck or temples for a relaxing, calming sensation.
  • Apply to the soles of restless child’s feet to help calm.
  • Apply to sore muscles for pain relief.

Chamomile Oil (Roman)


Chamomile provides a calming effect for your mind and body while producing a sweet floral scent.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • For healthier, radiant hair and skin, add 1-2 drops to your shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizer.
  • To calm you mind and put your body at ease, add 1-2 drops to your choice of herbal tea.
  • Apply to the soles of your feet or turn on your diffuser before bed for optimal tranquility before bed.

Cedarwood Oil


Bearing a woodsy, sweet scent, when cedarwood oil is diffused, it has a gruonding effect that is great for those that have trouble sleeping but also leaves you feeling rejuvenated when you wake up.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Diffuse after a tough, hectic day.
  • Add a drop to your moisturizer to promote healthy skin.
  • Apply a drop to a cotton ball and store in closets or wherever moths appear.

Lavandin Oil


A hybrid oil made from true lavender oil and spike lavender oil. Lavandin is an antidepressant, antiseptic, analgesic that can treat your skin, clear your cough, and help you get a good night of sleep.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Combine with water in a spray bottle to freshen up linen, closeted spaces, and cars.
  • Keep a small bottle handy to treat minor skin irritations.
  • Add a few drops to your pillow and bottom of your feet to promote restful sleep.

Tension Relief Pack – Save 20%!


Reduce the symptoms caused by tension and get the relief you’ve been searching for.

  • 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Contains: (1) Ylang Ylang 10ml, (1) Frankincense  10ml
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  • Turn your stress, anxiety and negative thoughts into feelings of joy, reassurance, and serenity.
  • Experiencing tension with your spouse? Diffuse 5 drops of Frankincense combined with 5 drops of Ylang Ylang to release the negative energy and tension between you and your partner.
  • Spray Stress Away - Add to a spritz bottle and take your blend on the go to ease your tension before it starts
  • Stress is the leading cause of muscle tension so it is important to be both mentally and physically healthy. 

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

  • Cool-mist Ultrasonic Diffuser
  • Beautiful light wood grain exterior which looks great in any room!
  • Optional color changing LED lights
  • 500ml Capacity
  • USB Power Cable and User Manual included

Bergamot Oil


Purifying both physically and mentally, the fresh scent will help promote a positive outlook and rid those anxious feelings that keep you up at night.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • ­­­­­Diffuse in your bedroom or in bathroom during your shower right before bed.
  • Turn your ordinary cup of tea into Earl Grey by adding bergamot
  • Apply to the soles of your feet for sleep aid.
  • Add one drop to your daily amount of face cleanser to purify skin

Rosemary Oil


Great for the central nervous system and blood circulation, can help focus even in stressful situations. Rosemary oils is also great for relieving sore muscles and reducing inflammation.

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Make your own muscle and joint relief by mixing a few drops of rosemary and coconut oil and using it topically. This will not only provide pain relief but also reduces inflammation.
  • Place a few drops on a tissue and inhale to increase concentration level.

Cypress Oil


Effective for treating wounds both internally as well as externally, it can help inspire confidence in times of transition and can also provide pain relief from ailments brought about by inflammation such as carpal tunnel

  • 10ml Bottle of 100% Therapeutic Grade Ultra Premium Essential Oil.
  • Massage on to muscles before a long workout or run to stop pain before it starts.
  • Apply to a drop to your chest and neck before outdoor activities such as gardening.