About Us

Hi Everyone!  Jackie Miller here, co-founder of Ministry of Oils.  What can I say… I LOVE essential oils!  And my mission is simple… I want to spread the word about the power and effectiveness of essential oils, while bringing better, purer essential oils to all of America.

I’ve been personally using essential oils for years to achieve a balanced and healthy life, and to treat all kinds of health and wellness issues.

But I started to notice a problem.  The more I used essential oils, the more I noticed that not all oils are created equal.  Some of the oils out there seemed to be less potent and less aromatic than others, even though they were supposed to be the same.

So I started to wonder… are the essential oils I’m buying really 100% pure?

Well I did some research and it turns out that many, maybe even most of the oils on the market today come bottled directly from China!  There is NO independent testing of these oils and virtually NO oversight from the U.S. Government!

I was honestly outraged!

I don’t know about you, but I need to be 100% confident of the origins and contents of ANYTHING that I put ON or IN my body.

So I learned I couldn’t trust the oils I purchased from the local drug stores or the online marketplaces like Amazon.com because NOBODY CHECKS THE QUALITY or potency of these oils!  Literally NOBODY CARES.

Well, I CARE!

So I looked all over and I found a partner in Southern California that sources essential oils ONLY from places that operate under FairTrade practices, are certified Organic, and most importantly, from places that they have personally visited.

Their facility was pristine and they operated at the highest standards, with unmatched quality controls.  I personally visited their operation and I can tell you that it was impressive!

The only problem was, they didn’t sell directly to consumers… they only sold to huge companies for blending in products or as added ingredients… but after many months of inquiring (let’s be honest… more like pestering!  “Attackie Jackie Mode” LOL), I convinced them to let me sell their 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils directly to you – the consumer!

So I started Ministry Of Oils, and I can now use essential oils with 100% certainty that they are therapeutic grade, pure and potent… because I use my own brand!

If you’re like me, you love essential oils and you care about what you put IN and ON your body, let’s come together and build a community!